Our Vision

NWCLTC members share the vision of the Pacific Northwest as home to a strong Coalition serving a growing number of dynamic, effective, and sustainable community land trust organizations. Over the next several years, the NWCLTC’s growing impact will be enhanced by a small but effective staff facilitating the work of CLTs across the Northwest. The Coalition’s work and successful accomplishments will lead to:

  • An increased number of communities within the region that are served by CLTs
  • An increased amount of dedicated and accessible funds to support CLT projects
  • Increased production/preservation of affordable housing by CLTs
  • Significant gains in support for the community land trust movement
  • Clear policy preference for permanently affordable homeownership
  • Strong partnerships with others across interest and issue areas.

Across the Northwest region, CLTs will be widely recognized and highly valued for their professional skills and innovative strategies for building healthy communities. CLTs work to ensure permanently affordable access to land as the foundation for their efforts to create:

  • Affordably priced homes for sale to low and moderate income households so that people can live in the communities where they work and build equity to invest in their future
  • Innovative and appropriate economic development activities
  • Effective community stewardship of the land