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Since 1999 the Northwest CLT Coalition has hosted and facilitated twice yearly, peer-to-peer learning gatherings that have been evolving over the years, from very in-formal, church camp like affairs into much more formal events with hired trainers and guest speakers. These opportunities to learn from other regional practitioners in the CLT field is of great value to our members.

Conferences - The first-ever formal northwest regional CLT Conference: Exploring Solutions Together was a tremendous success. See the session descriptions and presentation slides here

The Northwest CLT Coalition and Homestead CLT will be hosting the National CLT Conference in the fall of 2011 in Seattle, WA. Stay tuned for information about that conference.

Salons - In May of 2009 We held the first Salon format gathering. This was a 2-day work session focused on supporting CLT homeowners and maintaining and improving CLT homes. Nineteen experienced CLT practitioners gathered to discuss and create tools to better support CLT homeowners; to stay in their homes should they desire to, and to continue to maintain and improve their homes. Topics included – Maintenance Reserve Funds, Homeowner Assistance Funds, Homeownership Workshops (post-purchase education) and Home Maintenance Manuals. We plan to continue the Salon format. The Fall 2010 Salon will be scheduled soon. 

-From the spring of 2008 through the fall of 2009 the NW CLT Coalition delivered the first of its kind in the country, comprehensive, CLT training program, The Capacity BuildingInstitute with support from the National CLT Network, Washington Mutual and The Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development.

The purpose of the Institute was to build the capacity of small and emerging CLTs to increase the number of permanently affordable homes in trust in Washington State and throughout the region. The Institute consisted of six two-day sessions and additional technical assistance. The curriculum included fundamentals of the CLT strategy, program design considerations and an in-depth look at key parts of the strategy such as ground leases and resale formulas. The Institute also addressed issues of organizational sustainability, basic real estate development principles, messaging and branding, and other topics of interest to the participants.

Tools to Assist CLTs in Doing Their Work

The CLT Workflow Management System

Over the past few years, the Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition has been hard at work creating a CLT Workflow Management System (WMS) that will both increase the efficiency of individual CLTs and the Coalition’s ability to tell the compelling “CLT story”. Community land trusts and other organizations that steward the long-term affordability of homeownership units have a unique set of data tracking needs and this database will allow CLTs to seamlessly collect and enter data is a way that complements their current workflow, allows them to better serve their homebuyers and homeowners, report effectively and efficiently and support their compelling stories with hard data.

Starting in July of 2007 The NW CLT Coalition, under the auspices of OPAL CLT contracted with NPower Seattle, a non-profit technological consulting firm to conduct initial research and provide a set of recommendations. The outcome of this research was that Salesforce would be the best platform to use for this type of data collection, retention and reporting. The Coalition has been working with NPower Seattle to design and implement the database as well. The three pilot CLT groups, OPAL CLT of Orcas Island, WA, Homestead CLT of Seattle, WA and KulshanCLT of Whatcom County, WA have spent countless hours assisting with the design and development of this tool.

Thanks to financial support from NCB Capital Impact and others we hope to have the CLT WMS available for use by CLTs throughout the Northwest.


Connecting people

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