Spring Salon 2009

What's a Salon?

Salon, a word derived from the French for "large room", has taken on various meanings. In this context we mean it as a "gathering: private or public, of intellectuals to meet, discuss ideas and watch artistic performances." While the artistic performances were kept to a minimum we did, through the day-and-a-half salon, discuss many ideas. 
Among them were, how do CLTs effectively empower, educate and create access to resources for homeowners so that CLT homes are not only still standing in 100+ years but are increasingly energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain, attractive and affordable? How do we assist homeowners to stay in their homes through the tough eventualities that life brings - job loss, divorce, death, etc.? 

Salons are work sessions! If in attendance you are asked to provide input, do reading prior to the and conduct follow-up research afterwards.

The idea is to take steps towards resolving the challenge and formulating strategy to create real and workable solutions.


The purpose of the Spring Salon is to gather high level and experienced NW CLT practitioners to discuss and create real useful solutions, tools and best practices to encourage and empower CLT homeowners to maintain and improve their homes. We hope to create an environment that will allow for synergistic learning and problem solving.


     • The development of and consensus around the best way to create and managing a reserve              account for new construction
     • The development of and consensus around the best way to create and capitalize a reserve                account for existing scattered-site homes
     • The development of and consensus around the best way to create a Homeowner assistance             fund – Program criteria as well as ideas about how to capitalize
     • The creation and adoption of a coalition wide standard Home Maintenance Manual that all                member CLTs can use and give their homeowners
     • The development of and consensus around the best way to create and run Homeownership              Services Workshops
     • The development of and consensus around the best Homeownership Services Workshop                  curriculum.


Thursday May 14th

Session 1 - Creating and managing reserve accounts for both new construction & existing scattered site homes. We will discuss the reasons behind such accounts, review what has been done in the past and collectively assemble the best components of this practice. How would you institute reserve accounts to maintain your CLTs community assets?

Session 2 - Why and how to create a homeowner assistance fund. Under what circumstances does the CLT actually financially backstop homeowners and how? How do you capitalize and mange such a fund and how to you arrange repaying any assistance?

Friday May 15th

Session 3 - Creating the model CLT Home Maintenance Manual. We won’t start from scratch but we’ll discuss the purpose, use and “enforcement” issues that are unique to CLTs. Are their other unique needs that CLTs have? What are those and how do we incorporate those?

Session 4 - Homeownership Services Workshops and other additional services provided to meet the needs of current homeowners and the CLT to maintain homes and support homeownership. Discussion of curriculum and best practices.