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Community Land Trust Experts offer workshop for attorneys

Attorneys interested in supporting the expansion of community land trusts and CLT homeownership are invited to register for this ABA course worth 1.5 CLE credits. This course is a great start on a meaningful way to meet your pro bono requirements.

Community Land Trusts: Protecting Affordability & Promoting Equity in Homeownership September 15, 2021 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Central) 90 Minutes Co-sponsored by ABA Section of State and Local Government Law

With housing costs once again soaring in the U.S, record numbers of new community land trusts starting up around the US. This CLE is designed to increase attorney awareness of the shared equity home ownership model, and to provide a framework for how the ground lease and other legal tools function to create and steward permanently affordable home ownership.


1. Overview of the Community Land Trust Model

  1. History and description of the CLT model

  2. Structuring property ownership

  3. CLT organizational structure and types of development

  4. Methods to preserve housing affordability

2. Legal and Transactional Issues Part I

  1. CLT Governance- Nothing for Us Without Us, The Tripartite Board

  2. Affordability Provisions in the Ground Lease

  3. Use, Maintenance, Inheritance and Other Ground Lease Provisions

3. Legal and Transactional Issues Part II

  1. Stewardship of Land, Homes, and Affordability--Enforcing Resale Restrictions

  2. Home Owner Associations and Resident Engagement

  3. On-Going Support for Owners--Foreclosure Prevention

Moderator: Tony Pickett, Chief Executive Officer of Grounded Solutions Network

Presenters: Kristin King-Ries, Atty., Member of ABA and Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law Greg Rosenberg, Atty. Greg is the director of the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation. Nina Culotta, Atty, ABA member. Nina is the Director of Programs at Houston Community Land Trust.



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