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The NWCLTC peer mentoring program assists CLTs with information they need to get started or to pivot and transition to a new organizational stage. The Coalition Board Mentorship Committee assigns peer mentor(s) based on the specific needs of the requesting organization. Our goal is to connect new/transitioning CLTs with colleagues who can help navigate to the next step, but Peer Mentors cannot provide a full consulting/coaching service to launch your organization. Rather, we hope to point you in the right direction, ask useful questions and direct you to more resources for the next step.


We are developing an intake form, but until then, please answer these questions and email your request to 

  1. What assistance do you think you need?

  2. What advice have you received already?  What kinds of resources are you seeking: for example: a conversation, boilerplate documents, professional coaching or facilitation?

  3. Briefly describe your organizational history, including information like: What is the stage of development is your CLT? Who is your target audience? What is the size of the community where you operate? How are you supported: board, staff (paid or volunteer), grants, partnerships?

  4. Who is the point person for the mentoring? Name, Title(Role), Contact info (email & phone)

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