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Advocacy is critical for sustaining and growing community land trusts and permanently affordable housing field. Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition members work together on building their collective and individual strength in advocating for regulations that support community land trust homeownership and other aspects of our work to benefit low- and moderate-income communities.

The Coalition includes advocacy training and networking at its annual Gathering. Members in the same state may also work together to coordinate legislative initiatives.

The Coalition has produced a booklet for use in legislative advocacy that makes the case for community land trust homeownership and provides case histories of actual homeowners from many states. More here.

On this page, you will find material to help clarify the role of nonprofits in political advocacy (what you can and cannot do) and tools to help you and your organization become more effective advocates.

National Community Land Trust Coalition Advocacy Toolkit Materials

The materials listed below were created by the National Community Land Trust Coalition before it became part of the Grounded Solutions Network. Select the title to download the document.

Advocacy vs. LobbyingIRS Regulations limit 501(c)3 organizations in lobbying. Learn the difference between advocacy and lobbying.

Advocacy Plan Guide - A step-by-step guide to help you plan for for advocacy initiatives.

Checklist for Visits with Local, State and Federal Elected Officials 

Constituent Based Advocacy Tip Sheet - A guide on how to build relationships with congressional representatives.

Advocacy Visit Agenda Template - A template of possible roles, responsibilities and content for advocacy visits.

Sample "What is a CLT?" Handout

Customizable "What is a CLT?" Handout Template

Storytelling for Advocacy - Tips and an overview on why we tell stories.

Legislative advocacy
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