NWCLTC Creates Shared Equity Homeownership Booklet

Members of the Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition have brought together stories and statistics about the importance of community land trust homeownership in a comprehensive response to the affordable housing crisis in the Northwestern states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana.

Shared equity through a community land trust is a model of affordable homeownership that allows income-eligible families to purchase homes at below-market rates. It’s a proven stepping stone on the way to market rate home ownership for low- to moderate income people. (Source: Capital Impact).

Northwest taxpayers support the “housing continuum”— a progression of resources that include emergency housing, transitional and permanent supportive housing, subsidized rental and homeownership for modest-income people. Each form of housing plays a critical role in serving those most in need. Increasing access to affordable homeownership is a strategy that helps the whole continuum. It creates an opportunity for people to move up and out of subsidized rental. Community land trust homeownership is a vital step between renting and market-rate homeownership.

Printing of the Northwest edition of this booklet was made possible by a generous grant from Banner Bank.

Contact us regarding inventory and availability of copies for purchase.

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