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2018 Gathering Workshop Resources

Handouts and presentations from the 2018 NWCLTC Gathering in Bend Ore.

Advocates College

Presenter: Alison McIntosh, Deputy Director, Policy & Communications, Neighborhood Partnerships, Portland, OR

This presentation will introduce participants to key concepts in strategic communication, highlight messages useful to housing advocates and train participants in the use of several tools to create and deliver strong and effective messages to help move policy change.

Planning for Organizational Sustainability

Presenters: Michael Brown, Burlington Associates in Community Development; Erin MacDonald, Estate Trust and Probate Attorney

Erin MacDonald presented on how to leverage trusts and estate planning as part of organizational sustainability.

Affordable and Sustainable

Presenters: Sandy Bishop, Lopez Island Community Land Trust; Bruce Sullivan, BASE Zero Building Science for Professionals

Can community land trusts be stewards of affordable housing and stewards of the earth at the same time?

Lender Panel

Featuring representatives from Washington Federal, Umpqua Bank, Guild Mortgage and Homestreet Bank.

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