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NWCLTC Annual Meeting July 7, 2020

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting July 7, 2020 12-1:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time - REGISTER

In light of the COVID-19 virus, the NWCLTC Annual Meeting will be held online.


New Business

  • Welcome - Marney McCleary

  • Minutes (Draft here)

  • 2019 Accomplishments - Membership, Governance, Advocacy

  • Financial Reports (Reports here)

  • Proposed Bylaw Changes (see below for suggested changes).

  • Board Members standing for re-election - Marney McCleary, Kim Toskey, Kristin King-Ries

  • Board Candidates – Danica Ready Kaufman (Resume) and Nils Peterson (Resume) have been nominated.

Looking Ahead

  • 2021 Gathering will be held in Ashland, Oregon

  • 2022 Gathering will be held in Chelan, Washington


Thanking Katie Ullrich, Past President NWCLTC, and Jodi Dean, Exiting Board Members

Suggested Bylaws Changes:

Member Nominations. Regular Members may nominate Representatives to the Board from among themselves. These nominations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Corporation at least sixty (current bylaws say 30 days) days prior to the Annual Meeting or made from the floor at the Annual Meeting. Term Limits. Trustees shall serve a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms. If a Trustee wishes to return to board service after serving three consecutive terms, that person may seek nomination again after waiting one year from the end of their last term, and if elected may serve an additional term.

Other upcoming events:

  • August 27 noon – 1:30pm Advocacy Meeting with state-specific breakout sessions REGISTER

The NWCLTC is able to put host this event and further our pilot programs of mentorship and peer support through two terrific sponsors; JP Morgan Chase and Banner Bank have extended their Gathering sponsorship to cover these meetings and operational expenses this year, even without our regular event! It is these ongoing partnerships that facilitate stronger Community Land Trusts throughout our Region!!!

Thank you again, Banner Bank and JP Morgan Chase Bank!!!

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